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Andie Undies

What’s got your panties in a twist, Dawson? Oh.

Oh Tamara, you were problematic your first time through The Creek, and you’re even worse on your return trip.  It’s not cool to kiss teenage boys, no matter how your loins may ache for them.  That being said, this is the episode where Pacey makes the right decision and finally starts pursuing a girl his own age.  That girl being the wonderfully-amazing Andie McPhee (twitter haters come at us).  This is also the episode where Joey realizes that she loves Dawson… too much?  Too much to date him more than a few weeks?  Whatever Jo Pot.  We all know you’ll be snogging Jack in a few episodes.  Lastly this is also the episode where Jen and Abby literally cruise the docks for older men.  So what I’m saying, given the recent political stories out of Alabama, and given the Tamara/Pacey, Jen/Random Dockworker arcs, this episode is incredibly timely.  I so wish it weren’t.

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