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Abby and her wasp nest haircut.

Not thrilled with Princess Leia’s new haircut in The Last Jedi.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  And rolling Something Wilder at 11:00 A.M. the day before Christmas definitely count as desperate times.  So we did what it took to get the goods:  we re-rolled.  A couple times.  When we hit Sex She Wrote, we just couldn’t pass it up.  Let me give you the jist for our new listeners.  On the last episode, one of 3 couples PORKED.  This episode, Ears McGillicuty finds a note saying as much, and when he passes it to Abby Morgan, she is compelled to find out who the dirty dogs are.  It could be Dawson and Jen, they were up all night working on a film and have a history. It could be Joey & Jack, art makes them horny.  It could be Pacey and Andie because they are actually in a committed healthy relationship and are at the point where responsible couples sometimes consider having protected sexual relations.  The investigation is on, and the drama that ensues is sweet nectar for us all.

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