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Turns out it wasn’t a giant flat sub sandwich.

Finally we get to dip our toes into one of the few remaining pools of episodes that we haven’t seen, early 3rd season!  Home Movies is a very fun episode that sets the foundation for what will become some of the most memorable moments of the series.  Pacey convinces Joey to cut class, so he can unveil his new passion project: A sailboat.  And we all know where that leads.  On top of that we have Jen learning of Henry’s crush on her (while somehow maintaining her popularity despite her best efforts), and Dawson getting in an argument with his dad, over his hard-hitting documentary about Capeside’s star receiver: Jack McPhee.  Also Andie has an arc, that’s mainly her fearing expulsion for stealing test answers.  It’s one of those rare eps where everyone has something to do, except us.  We just watch the thing.  Want to watch with us?  YOU’RE IN LUCK, WE RECORDED IT!

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