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Pacey's birthday cake.

Well this image couldn’t be more appropriate.

Hello my beautiful babies and welcome to our 3rd year of podcasting.  Welcome also to Dawson’s Creek’s 20th year of existence.  To celebrate both, we threw a party and did a double feature!  Join your usual hosts Josh & Eric, and our special gests Sean Faust and Mike the Sailing Guy as we watch two season four classics that have yet to grace our airwaves.  The first is a little number called The Te of Pacey, in which it is Pacey’s birthday, and he’s a big grumpy sourpuss.  The second is Hopeless, in which Dawson hangs out with Gretchen’s grown-up friends, and Pacey & Joey double date with Drue MF’n Valentine and some girl.  Fair warning:  This podcast is chaotic, drunken, and quite possibly unlistenable.  We did, however, have a really fun time recording it, so hopefully our joy and love for DC is infectious enough that it makes for a good time for all.  Happy Annibirthdaries everybody!

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