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Jen & Drue await sentencing.

Michelle, it says right here in the script ‘Drue & Jen have sexy make out sesh’. Why would I lie to you?

Given the choice of staying in Capeside or going to Italy, what would you choose?  If Capeside were actually a real place, Italy could go eff itself, but in Andie’s case, her decision is understandable.  Yes, this is the episode where we bid farewell to Ms. Andie McPhee, and Capeside gets a little less bubbly.  It is also the episode where some college is forcing Joey to turn in an essay written by the person who knows her best.  That seems like a rather weak plot device, but we’ll suspend disbelief JUST THIS ONCE.  Will it be Dawson? Will it be Pacey? Why isn’t it Bessie?  None of these questions will be answered by the end of our podcast. It’s no secret around these parts that we love season 4, so this is definitely a fun episode.  Join us…. or die. (Don’t worry, you won’t die)

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