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Dawson & Jen

Dawson was so happy when his Real Doll arrived, he couldn’t wait to put her on a pedestal and not have sex with her just like he would with a real girlfriend.

This week’s episode is the second viewing of one we haven’t seen in quite some time. In A Lonely Place takes place in season 5. The good ship D-Jen is just about to pull into port after a short but sexy trip out to sea.  Ms Potter (if you’re nasty) just had a harrowing experience at the hands of a mugger, and Pacey & Audrey just got into each other’s bits for the first time.  Pacey & Audrey together seems like a no-brainer, but this is Dawson’s Creek, and we have to complicate things. The two of them spend the episode apart (Audrey with Jen, and Pacey with Jack) and eventually come to the realization that they enjoyed their trip to bone-town, and would like to return. Jen, meanwhile, starts to wonder if her relationship has run it’s course.  Joey is dealing with some creepy professor/student relationship that isn’t very fun or interesting, so we won’t get into that.  All-in-all, not bad for 5th season.  We also give our hot takes on various media we’ve been consuming, and read some listener-submitted-content.

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