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Hey Joey, want some popcorn? The ones on the bottom are the best.

I think the obvious joke here is a popcorn bucket with a hole in it, but I’m too high brow to go there.

This is technically our third watching of Cigarette Burns.  The second viewing was a lost episode that never aired, and since we have no intention of watching this 4 times, we went ahead and counted it for the purposes of our experiment. Lets recap!  Dawson directed (but didn’t write) a movie! Oliver, the writer, schedules a screening without telling the D man, and all his friends, plus the local hotshot film critic are invited. Dawson has a meet-cute with the film critic where he insults her, and hilarity ensues. Meanwhile Joey is crushing on Charlie who is doing his best to be a huge douchebag.  Audrey and Pacey are having issues as they discuss their past romantic entanglements.  And Jen is dealing with the fact that Grams has a new man in her life: Clifton Mothereffin Smalls.  It’s a fun episode, and this is the last time it will ever be on this podcast.  Enjoy!

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