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Jen goths out for Abby's funeral.

You think that eulogy was intense, wait til you read her Livejournal post.

Abby Morgan’s dead. Undead undead undead.  On our third viewing of the funeral of Abby Morgan, we may not pay her quite the respect she deserves.  Apologies in advance for any possible digressions, indiscretions, or blasphemies we may utter while dramatic Dawson’s Creek things happen in the background.  It’s not that we don’t love it, we’ve just done this one a few times.  So as a quick recap all the kids are dealing with death in their own ways, Jen by getting drunk and flipping out (cuz she rules), Dawson & Joey by making out, and Andie by shouldering an undeserved burden foisted upon her by a grieving mother.  What few parental figures exist in the Capeside world try to offer words of encouragement, none more so than our beloved Grams, but for the most part the youngins are on their own to face the reaper in their own ways.  Also: We sing a lot.

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