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Joey, Bessy, and Pacey. Weird threesome, amazing crime fighting team.

Here’s your problem Pacey, her battery pack is completely shot, I can have you a new one by Tuesday, but it looks like you’re gonna have to take your backup Joeybot to the prom.

This week, on Creek of the Week, we celebrate #CreekWeek, and James Van Der Beek, while we seek sweet tweets and eat sweet meats.  We are joined, once again, by fellow podcaster, and all around good dude, Sean Faust of the What does it Matter? Podcast. After an enthusiastic discussion about the exciting happenings of the week (listening in the future?  Google it!), we roll up a classic, powerful episode: Promicide.  You all know this episode, it’s senior prom, everyone is stressin’, relationships are strained, the future looms like a WWI dirigible on the horizon, ready to unleash painful reality bombs on these poor kids battling in the trenches of high school.  That was a weird simile, and I apologize for it, but I will not delete it.  So yeah, for most, the night ends in tears, for one… possibly the best night of his high school career.  Depending on which ship you sail the hardest, you are either bummed or elated.  Personally, watching the good ship Pay-Jo go down in flames is tough, but I can get through it with your help.  Download.  Listen.  Embrace Creek of the Week like Jen embraces that airplane bottle of Smirnoff.  Put us to your lips, nobody is looking.  Go ooooon.  The first drink burns a little, but it gets easier, and it just makes you feel good. This should stop now. Thanks for listening!

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