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Jack biting his nails

Jack’s nervous because he just sneaked the two bros behind him out of Grams’ house earlier this week.

What can be said about the 6th season premier that hasn’t been said already on this podcast?  Turns out, very little.  This week we have a threepeat of a bad episode, which means lots of digression, rambling, and ignoring the TV show playing in the background.  Some of you weirdos love these eps, I’m guessing most of you hate them.  Either way, if you’re reading this you probably already downloaded so we got what we wanted out of the deal, suckas!  I’m kidding, of course, we are only here to entertain, and we do it with every ounce of our ability this week.  We make fun of Joey’s professor for his weird ears. We make fun of Jack’s professor for his weird khakis. We make fun of Pacey for his weird facial hair.  We do all we can to make this episode fun and entertaining.  Does it sound like I’m overselling it?  Maybe I am!  But whatever the case, after you listen to this you’ll never have to listen to The Kids are Alright on our podcast again.  Rejoice, for another threepeat hath been slain!

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