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Audrey slams wild Turkey

This might have made some of these 6th season eps more bearable.

This week’s episode is All the Right Moves, a Sixth Season Stinker that we watch for the first time.  The jists are this: Pacey’s boss invites him to a party where he sort of gets a promotion and meets his new temporary love interest. Joey, Harley, Eddie, and Professor Ears all hang out in Hell’s Kitchen in what might be an actual depiction of Hell. And Audrey, in the only saving grace of the episode, struggles with her insecurities, and desire to hide those insecurities behind a wall of drugs and alcohol.  Jack and Jen briefly smile and wave at the camera during the cold open then are never heard from again, Dawson may as well be dead.  We’re in a Season 6 rut, but we don’t let it get us down.  Your hosts deliver expert comedic insight at every turn, despite being bored and annoyed by many of the things appearing on the screen before them.  I assure you, though the Dawson’s Creek episode may be a stinker, the podcast episode is a solid C+.  Do it!

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