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Joey & Dawson perform the ancient Japanese rite of karaoke.

More like cheer up sleepy jean-jacket, amirite people? Cut me some slack it’s late.

This week we welcome back out favorite 3rd mic, Mr. Sean Faust, to talk about his experience meeting one of the cast members of our beloved Dawson’s Creek.  Which one is it, you might ask?  Let’s just say that Sean remembers everything.  GET IT?  After that we roll up Stolen Kisses, our first 3rd season joint in a while, and Eric’s personal favorite DC episode.  Listen and enjoy while Josh and Sean talk over some of the most memorable scenes of the Pacey and Joey romance, while Eric pointlessly yells at them to shut up. Then, join in the communal hate of the world’s worst painting ever to grace prime time TV.  Afterwards we read emails, including some sexy fan fic from our resident fan fic writer.  It was a joy to record, and hopefully it will be tolerable to listen to.  Thanks for the effort!

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