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Ty looks at Jen like in a very disconcerting manner, then goes home and gives himself 30 lashes and votes for Roy Moore.

Once I get out of this itchy human suit and reveal my true lizard form, we’ll have some REAL fun. GO JESUS!

Because sa haa-aa-aa-aayed eyes.  Neva La-aaah-ah-ah-ha-aye.   This week’s episode has lots of filmmaking, lots of montages, lots of pensive stares, and, for our part, lots of singing.  Dawson just got dumped by Joey and so decides to air their dirty laundry in another one of his classic movies.  Joey seems OK with this, but isn’t OK with the fact that Dawson seems OK, OK?  Andie is acting strangely, and Pacey finds a bottle of xannies in her trash can, which leads to questions, confrontations, and the inevitable sweet sweet makeup.  This is the episode that makes me think:  Maybe those Pandie people are on to something…. then I watch True Love again and I’m like: naaaaaaah.  It’s a very good Second season episode that we only kind of ruin with our singing and 3rd grade senses of humor.  It also has a guest star who was a very big deal at the time. Please listen. Please. We need you.

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