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Andie and her deadbro.

Turns out when you search for “Dawson’s Creek Reunited” you get one million pics from the EW spread, and very few screencaps of the show. This was one of the latter.

This episode starts with an pillow fight, moves on to a parent-trap situation, and ends with a nervous breakdown.  In other words… this is top ten material.   Jen has been booted from the House of Grams, and is squatting with the Dawson.  Dawson is spending some quality time with Joey, and the two of them actually seem to be in a happy relationship… for now.  The real story this week is Pacey, Andie, and Jack, the original power trio.   Andie is going through some stuff while the boys do their best to keep her from making any mistakes.  It is actually a very powerful episode of television that addresses important mental health concerns, and it couldn’t be more timely than during this Mental Health Awareness month that we rolled it up.  Unfortunately we absolutely ruin the weight of the important scenes with our absolute jackassery.  We apologize.  Nevertheless, it is a fantastic episode that we enjoy, even on the second viewing. We hope you enjoy the second listening.

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