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Pacey hands joey her gown for the evening

Great, I could use a horse blanket.

Season 1, how we missed you so.  This week we watch a fan favorite episode from the first season: Double Date.  This is the one where Dawson, freshly broken up with Jen, decides to very unawkwardly insert himself into her date with Cliff, by suggesting they make it a double, then finding some emotionally vulnerable patsy he can use and discard like so many soiled tissues.  Dawson, the villain of our story, finds this girl, lies to her, manipulates her, and makes her complicit in his schemes.   Meanwhile the heroic Cliff shows Jen what could have been the time of her life, if not ruined by the evil Leery boy.  As this all unfurls, Joey and Pacey are forced to do a class project together.  They are forced to venture deep into the swamp to hunt the elusive gastropods, that Pacey so carelessly sentenced to death the night before. One thing leads to another, and the very first feelings of attraction begin to blossom in Pacey, marking the beginning of the greatest OTP ever to grace a screen.  Also, stay tuned til the end for a sexual supercut you won’t want to miss.

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