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Joey half-smiles

There’s the moneymaker.

So this is another one of those episodes for the 3 or 4 weirdos out there who don’t care so much about Dawson’s Creek and just like to listen to Eric and Josh babble on, because it’s our 3rd time around the fifth season snoozer: Four Scary Stories. Blah blah, anthology, blah blah, ghost stories, blah blah mannequin attack.  The TV show may be boring, but the podcast is straight FIRE!  We talk about hilarious things like…. actually I can’t remember what we talked about, but I remember enjoying myself doing it.  So if we enjoyed ourselves, you probably will too, right?  Hello?  Nobody is going to download this one are they?  It’s fine, it was just a couple hours out of our lives making content for YOU PEOPLE that we’ll never get back. But fine, Fine!  Go listen to Gossip Goons or Felicity Felons or whatever other TV show/descriptive noun podcast is trending right now on your insta stories.  I’M OVER IT.  I’ve MOVED ON. I’m. Fine. Just don’t forget that

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