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Pacey and Jack drool at a TV

They stared at the Panasonic 55″ HD projection TV, longing in their eyes. Both hoping the other didn’t notice that, though they stared at a Television, it was the reflection of the other in the blank screen that they each truly longed for. I ship dat. I ship dat hurd.

Tonight we are going to party like it’s episode 199, because it is.  And as luck would have it, we rolled a threepeat and got to pick our poison this week.  Our choice, as it has been requested multiple times by our dear listeners, is one of the few gems of season 6: Clean and Sober.  In this episode Pacey buys a new TV, and uses that as an excuse to throw a party, all the Bostonians show up and begin to either get drunk, or fret about getting drunk. We also find out Emma needs a greencard (who cares), and Pacey never got over Joey (obvs).  Meanwhile in Side-Plot-City, Dawson visits Audrey in rehab, and they get into shenanigans stalking personal hero of Big D’s.  It is a low-stakes, fun episode that Season 6 needed more of, and we had a great time watching it.  Stick around for voicemails and emails, we got em both.

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