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Cliff and Jen cut a rug.

The unsung hero of Dawson’s Creek, whose story lines often suffered to give more screen time to golden children, whose eyes and smile lit up a dance floor line none other, and who left us far too soon. We love you Cliff.

Two Hundred Episodes! That’s 72 more than there were episodes of Dawson’s Creek!  This week we celebrate the amazing achievement of… not stopping doing something… and listen to well-wishes of friends of the show, new and old.  Before that, however, we readdress an email from last week touching on the problematic nature of one particularly iconic scene from 3rd season, and even bring in a special guest to give her opinion, and change up the demo a little bit.  After that, we tell RNGesus to take a hike, and pick the only remaining season 1 episode we haven’t watched: Dance.  It’s the second episode ever, and it’s a doozy. Immediately following that we launch into a ton of emails and voicemails from our fine listeners, and finish it up with a special surprise.  The show starts on a more serious note, but ends in madness.  So I’d consider it a success.  Thanks for sticking around for 200 eps!

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