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Gretch and D-Man discuss their future, or lack of it.


Sometimes you think something is going to suck, and you end up loving it.  Such is the case with Mind Games III.  We haven’t watched this since waaaay back in the 20s, but we are finally closing the door on it with our third and final run through.  As a recap, Joey and Pacey have recently started knocking boots, and they are now doing it constantly, they’re just having a hard time finding places to do the deed.  When Pacey suggests to Gretchen that she skedaddle out of the beach house for a night, she figures out what’s up, and then heads over to Dawson’s to even the score in the Witter family sex contest.  Of course Dawson screws that up by talking about Joey, which leaves Gretchen frustrated with Dawson, Pacey, and Joey.   Meanwhile Jenny Linds AKA Michy Dubs is hanging with her main man Jackers AKA The Ancient Alien and stalking her shrink to all the Capeside hipster hotspots. Teen sex and stalking… what more could a girl ask for?

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