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Dawson face-palming.

MRW this streak of good episodes ends.

The All Nighter is a much beloved episode of our podcast, so we are happy to give it the third viewing, and sendoff it deserves.  If you’ll recall, there is a big test coming up for the class that the whole gang is in except Jack, even though he must have another class taught by the same teacher, because it’s the guy that hassles him to read his coming-out poem.  So the gang, minus jack, plus Chris has to cram for this big test, and they decide to do it in Chris’ satellite-dish-equipped mansion.  Of course, when horny teens get together after the sun goes down, sexy shenanigans ensue, hearts are broken, and prophylactics are soiled.  All ends well however, and the gang gets to class in time, only to find that all their suffering was for naught.  It’s a fun bottle episode that we enjoy, and seeing as it’s our third run-through, we have a little time to peruse a purity test of our own.  The results will shock you! Now that’s some sexy clickbait.

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