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Pacey and his soon to be ex boss.

So much sexual tension even the lamp is turned on. Ugh, this is the first caption I’m actually ashamed of, but I literally have nothing else, and screenshots for this episode are VERY hard to Google. Go ahead, Try it, I’ll wait…
Nothin but Abby Morgan pics, right? Told ya! So take my lamp joke and lets just MOVE ON to the synopsis cuz like Jack Nicholson said in that movie that came out about the same time as this episode, this is as good as it gets.

SEASON FIVE IS BACK!!!! *BEEYAH BEEYAH WAH WAH WAAAAAH* So it’s been a while since we’ve rolled “a cinco”, but the time is nigh, and we are diving into this shallow pool knees first, like you do.  The episode is The Abby, notably spelled like the proper name.  Joey is going back to Capeside after an awkward and inappropriate goodbye to Professor “I-wanna-dip-my-balls-in-it” Wilder.  Audrey is gonna tag along because she’s spontaneous and fun like that.  Dawson is sanding a boat. Pacey is about to cook the most important dinner service of his life, but decides to toss his future to the winds in order to prove a point, as he likes to do. And Jen and Jackers are discussing summer vacation plans.  This is the penultimate episode of Season 5.  If this were in the style of Game of Thrones, 2 characters would die, one would probably have his skin flayed off, and another would be with-child.  But it’s late-series Dawson’s Creek so it is completely, 100% inconsequential.  We still have fun with it though, cuz we’re just two dudes who like having fun.    You know who else likes having fun?

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