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Pacey, Andie, and Marc

The S.S. Pandie runs headlong into Iceberg Marc.

All good things must come to an end, friends.  All good ships must eventually be relegated to the bottom of the sea.  And so it is, this week, for the Pandies.  This week we watch Homecoming, in which Pacey (with the help of Joey) sneaks Andie out of her temporary refuge, and back to the chaos of Capeside.  However, things aren’t as he left them with his girlfriend, and he soon finds out that her emotional state wasn’t the only thing getting worked over during her months away.  Meanwhile, Dawson is inexplicably embroiled in a sexy fling with the young Eve, which is ridiculous and insane, but fun enough to watch.  And Jackers is dealing with the reunification of his family, and the failings of his father.  Jen is also in this episode, spending most of it in a tattered Capeside Minutemen cheerleader outfit, so the ep has that going for it as well.  We enjoyed this trip back to early 3rd season, and we hope you enjoy the ride with us.  Now is the time, hit play.  Do it, DO IT NOW!  WHAD AH YOU WAIDING FOAH?

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