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M. Knight Shama-lame AMIRITE???

Auteur. Trendsetter. Visionary. Hire Dawson Leery for your next birthday party or Bar Mitzvah and immortalize your coming of age, in the magic… OF FILM.

It’s one of those magical episodes where we are blessed with our choice of episode. And since we couldn’t decide we randomly selected out of a few we haven’t seen yet.  Fate dictated we would watch Escape from Witch Island, and so we did.  This episode finds Joey being particularly annoying and clingy as she hassles Dawson about not wanting to get up innat when offered.  It also finds Pacey and Jen hatching a plan for some casual sexcapades with no strings attached.  Meanwhile, back at the Cape, Andie is taking her role on the disciplinary committee seriously.  Very seriously.  She is doling out discipline left and right, much to the enjoyment of one of your beloved hosts.  All things considered, not as good as remembered, but still a relatively fun ep.  We hope you like it too.

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