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Mitch is yoked.


In a strange twist of fate, one of the episodes we almost chose on last week’s Dealer’s Choice episode, is the one we organically rolled this week.  And as an added bonus, it’s episode 2-09 and this is episode 209 of our podcast!  WTFOMGBBQ? So this episode has the kids diving into school politics.  Andie wants to run for pres, and she wants Joey to be her running mate.  Will they beat Abby & The Dawson’s Creep? Will they beat the nerds? Will there be collusion with a foreign power?  You’ll find out soon.  Also as an adorable side plot, Dawson is learning how to be a teenager from Jen.  They steal stuff, they skinny dip in the moonlight, Dawson watches his parents bang.  I wish my teenage years were half that good! Also Pacey helps out with the campaign and Jack lends moral support to both his girlfriend and sister while clearly dealing with some of his own stuff that hasn’t come to a head yet.  It’s a good ep!  Enjoy it with us, your bros! Thanks!

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