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The Young Americans on the road.

Will Hamilton Jake Bella?

We’ve threatened it before, and this week we make good on our threats.  We rolled a dealers choice, none of the DC eps were singing to us, but yet we had a distinct urge to revisit Rawley, and so we did!  There’s no rule that says we can’t!  Sorry, listeners!  Anyway as a quick recap, Bella & Scout are probably brother & sister, but they also wanna bang.  Bella would also not mind banging Matt Czuchry, and who can blame her.  Meanwhile Hamilton and Jake are considering banging, even though up to this point everyone has thought Jake was a guy, now he’s a girl.  Wil Krudski is also on this show.  It’s teen drama gibberish, and for some reason we love it.  We hope you do too.  If not, The Creek will return next week, we promise.

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