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Lets put this baby out to pasture.

The only thing to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good Grams with a gun.

After some light pre-show banter, and a very important announcement, we hilariously roll a 73 on the RNGesus app, which gives us our first watch through of Four Scary Stories. This ep is a series of smaller stories featuring some of the Major players of the time.  To be honest, it pretty much watches like a regular episode, except that the story lines are separated instead of mixed together.  Basically it’s a cheap gimmick. To recap:  Pacey and Jojo just made boom boom and must now deal with the boring and awkward fallout of that.  Dawson just watched his mentor die, and went to a very rushed funeral, and must deal with the fallout of that.  Jen and Jack narrowly escaped awkward sexcapades, but pretty quickly get past the fallout of that, then we get to see Jen meet her therapist.  And lastly Joey and Dawson meet up and Joey lies to Big D’s face when he asks an entirely inappropriate question that was none of his business.  Up to speed?  Good.

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