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Jen and Henry

Thank you, light-hearted B-plot, for saving us this week.

So, this was a weird episode. When we rolled Secrets and Lies, I remembered it from when I watched the first 5 minutes a few months ago, and thought it would be a fun and light-hearted ep with relatively little drama.  We were surprised to find out that it is actually very heavy, particularly given current events happening around us right now.  The main plot is Andie, post Pacey-breakup, has been hanging out with a bad dude.  A bad rich dude.  A bad rich entitled dude who likes beer, and going to parties with other rich dudes.  Starting to sound familiar?  So Andie calls Pacey telling him that she has been taken advantage of, and Pacey and Joey go on a crusade to punish her assaulter.  The worst part is… she may have been making it up.  The show leaves it ambiguous, which is…. just great.  So yeah, we watch all that, much of it in awkward silence.  Thankfully, the b-plot with Jen and Henry is really quite sweet.  We also have reviews and voicemails at the end if you just feel like fast forwarding.  We won’t fault you.

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