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The gang's all here.

To change things up, this week I’m posting a pic from Eric & Josh’s teenage years. Eric is second from the left, and josh is the one in the pink fuzzy hat.

This week’s podcast is a fun one.  Season 5 has a lot of boring crap in it, but Sleeping Arrangements is actually a fun episode with 3 good story lines and only one stinker.  The main plot revolves around Pacey being offered a job to sail to Greece and the drama that leaving behind his friends, and newfound mentor drums up.  Plot 2 is that all is not well in D-Jen town, as the honeymoon is over, and they struggle to make it as lovers and room mates.  Plot 3 is Jack finding his place at his new frat where he realizes that, although most are accepting of him, one in particular is a bit of a douche.  And finally the plot that could have been left out is that Joey is thinking of getting with some hair-helmet weirdo and who cares.  75% good is not bad for 5th season, so we’ll take it!  Hope you like it as well.

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