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Anybody got a skymall?

I want this image tattooed on my stomach. Like right where Tommy Lee has “MAYHEM” tattooed, that’s where this is going.

SEAN’S BACK EVERYBODY! The podcast continues to wind down and we couldn’t end this show without another visit from one of our best buddies in the podcastiverse.  Sean joins us for Swan Song, the 5th season finale, and together we all go… “meh”.  Swan song pretty much entirely takes place in an airport, except for a few scenes with Pacey on… you guessed it… a boat dock.  Jack and Jen are headed to Costa Rica, Dawson and Audrey are headed to California, Pacey is humping some roller reefing, and Joey is back in Capeside.  Various epiphanies happen and they all end up at the airport chasing lost loves, helping wayward homosexuals, or giving up their summer plans to make good with their families.  You can fill in the blanks who is doing what.  Afterward we read this week’s Fanfic from Mike, and we all have a grand ol’ time.  It was nice of Sean to stop by and spice up this stinker of an ep.  Good times were had by all!

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