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Dawson checks out some dank memes.

19/m/Capeside, MA and u?

A great poet once wrote: “Love hurts, Love scars, love wounds and marks” but did he know that love also bites?  Congratulations everyone, we have a mere 7 or 8 episodes to go, and you have just read the lamest opening line for an episode description that this description writer has ever penned.  I am completely ashamed, as I should be.  I could delete it and start again, but instead I think I’ll just write my thoughts on how bad it was, and get meta with it.  That’s what us writers do.  Who else writes?  Dawson Leery that’s who.  This week, Dawson has writers block because his mother is crapping all over his dreams, and his dad isn’t there to baby-wipe Gail’s crap and give Dawson the dreamer-to-dreamer pep talk he needs.  In another story, Eddie’s back out of nowhere, but Joey’s all like “nah”.  Then Joey has to chaperone a prom and brings Pacey as a date, and things are great, but then she’s like “nah, gonna do Eddie instead”.  Pacey is understandably bummed.  Then at the end Jen finds out grams has cancer.  Synopsis over, killed it.

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