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Pacey and Jen

I couldn’t think of a joke for it, but this looks like a still from a teen-spy movie that I would definitely watch.

Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove, dance me to the end of the episode.  This week is all about cutting loose on the floor.  We got Pacey dancing with Joey, Pacey dancing with Jen, Pacey dancing with… Dawson?  With each dance secrets are revealed that dip us deeper into the twisted romantic knots that our beloved cast has deftly tied about themselves.  The air is thick with love and sex, and only DANCE can unravel them.  Meanwhile, Jack considers going on his first date, but chickens out at the last second, which is fine!  We love you Jack, there’s no rush! Awesome episode, not much more to say.  Listen along with us and enjoy the ride, man.

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