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Jailhouse Andie

They say when you go to prison, find the biggest motherfucker in the yard and beat his ass so everyone knows how tough you are. But if you’re Andie McPhee wearing this sweater…. they already know.

Valentines day means a different things to different people.  For some, it’s a silly excuse to do something nice for your significant other. For some it’s a noose tightening around your neck, reminding you that you’re alone and probably always will be.  For a third lovely set of people, it’s a chance to cynically talk about how it’s a “Hallmark Holiday” and how you shouldn’t need an excuse to be nice to your significant other.  Yes, Mr. Fun Police who’s too cheap to buy a box of candy for his wife, we get it, you’re edgy.  Anyway, for the Capeside kids, Valentines day means it’s time to hit up a rager at the golf course, so they hit the links, and pound the drinks.  Jen, meanwhile, is having her first date with the always-annoying Henry, and it goes predictably poorly.  All in all, everybody leaves dissatisfied, unhappy, and hungover/anemic.  On the bright side, the PayJo train starts pulling out of the station, and Jenry gets to nosh jell-o in the ER.  So things aren’t all bad.  Stick around to the end on this one.  It gets weird.

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