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A Murderer and it's victim.

Gimme the cream boys and free my soul, I want to get lost in your Rocky Road and drift away….

This episode is actually not that bad for a 5th season ep.  It shows some of the potential that the college years could have had.  Of course, none of that matters or is even remembered after watching the credits roll on what is, quite possibly, the most devastating 30 seconds of television, film, literature, radio, or cave painting ever put into the collective consciousness.  For this, my friends, is the episode in which Mitch Leery, the All-Father, passes on from the earth, and more importantly, from Capeside.  All he wanted was a tasty treat.  You’ve seen that bod, obviously ice cream is a very rare indulgence for our man Mitch, this ONE TIME he was allowing himself the childish pleasure of a little frozen cream placed delicately into the warm embrace of a sugared waffle cone.  But Mitch, in his hubris, got greedy.  One scoop would have been enough.  One scoop would have satisfied his sweet tooth and preserved that golden six pack, one scoop would have…. stayed on the cone.  Unfortunately, in opting for two scoops, Mitch Leery wrote his own death warrant.  And with his passing, the world got a little darker.  The birds stopped singing, the sun stopped shining, and ice cream?  Well, I don’t know about you, my friends, but there is no ice cream in my world anymore.  Ice Cream is as dead to me as that perfect dimpled visage you see above.  Sherbet or die, motherfucker.

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