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Pacey in a suit

Couldn’t find a good screen cap this week, so I used this shot of Angelina Jolie from the movie Hackers.

Recorded mere moments ago as of this posting, edited not at all, and humbly submitted for your approval.  I suppose it’s good that we got this one out of the way early, because it would be a crime to go out on a stinker like Sex and Violence.  The title promises all the things we love… sex… and, well, violence.  However it delivers on none of those things.  There is the possibility of some implied off screen sex between Pacey and Joey, there is a distinct lack of sex between Jen and CJ, and Dawson is fretting about putting sex into his dumb movie.  As for violence, there is literally zero.  You know what else there is zero of?  Jack and Audrey.  Basically unless you’re a hardcore PJer who just wants to watch them make out with no actual care for plot advancement, this episode is as boring as Eddie Dohling. Thankfully for all of you, we are here to make knob jokes and scream about how orange everything is.  Hope you dig it.

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