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I try not to re-use screen caps. But I googled “A Winter’s Tale” and this hack job I made in 2015 was the third result. It felt appropriate. Thanks for listening, everyone.

As promised, we end this show as we began it, with our favorite teen-deflowering episode ever to air on television: A Winter’s Tale.  You know what happens: Ski trip, naked fumblings, Dawson kills a guy.  We’ve all seen it.  It’s what happens before and after Dawson’s Creek that make this particular podcast special. We started doing this never expecting anyone to ever download or listen.  From our first twitter interactions with listeners, to emails and mentions on DC forums, we realized what really made podcasting fun was not talking to each other, we’ve spent more than enough time doing that in our lives, but talking to other people who share a similar interest in this dumb teen soap, and a similar weird sense of humor.  This last episode is a tribute to everyone else who really made our show something that we will never forget.  It may sound like we are just reading emails of people heaping accolades on us, but I hope it comes across that the feeling is, very much, mutual.  To everyone who contributed over the years, or everyone who never said a word and just lurked and listened. Thanks for making this podcast with us.  It’s been fun as hell.





But keep an eye on this feed because we will have more stuff coming that we hope you like.  Peace!