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Drue havin a loff.

Oh Drue. I think I’ll miss you most of all.

For our final first-time episode we are treated to Eastern Standard Time, and find it just delightful.  It’s senior skip day, but Pacey can’t go because he’s already skating on thin Ice, but is eventually convinced by Drue to go anyway.  Dawson grabs Gretchen and heads out on an ill-fated road trip.  And Joey & Jen head to New York to settle some unfinished business.  So we have hilarious bar-antics, a romantic beach make out sesh, and high drama from the always-amazing Michy Dubz.  We enjoy this episode a lot, and find it to be a fine one to finish our first-watch run.  We also read some incredibly kind emails, and bask in the love of our listeners, which is seriously a little overwhelming as we wrap this thing up.  Thanks everyone for listening!

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