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Get you a podcast that looks at you the way Joey looks at Pacey. Wait, what? Podcasts don’t look at… SHUT UP and go with it!

Our next to last regularly scheduled episode is a doozy.  For the fourth time we watch the entire series finale of Dawson’s Creek.  Our love of this episode is well established, but we felt a final run-through was warranted as our time winds down to its inevitable conclusion.  Is a recap necessary? Ok fine: 5 years later, Dawson runs TV show, Pacey owns restaurant in Capeside, Joey editor and engaged? Jack teaching in Capeside, dating Doug in secret. Jen single mom. All gather for Gail’s wedding.  Fun times. Jen faints.  Not fun times.  Jen dying. Gang Sad. Dawson and Pacey still love Joey. Joey can’t decide. Jen says DECIDE BITCH.  Jen dies.  Joey decides. Jack kisses Doug in public. Dawson meets Speilberg, Joey Pacey OTP.

On top of the double ep we have a lot of banter and several awesome emails. Which brings this show’s runtime in as one of our longest ever.  Just in time for Christmas traveling and avoiding confrontation with racist family members!  You’re welcome!  Now what did you get us?  Huh?  Oh? Oh no… thats cool.  I mean yeah why would you?  I mean we don’t even know each other so I get it it’s fine. We have been dropping hints about emails and voicemails but you’re busy, and money is tight so don’t worry about it it’s fine.  I gotta go I’vegotsomethinginmyeye..

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