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Michelle Williams is a Dick-gazer

Get yourself a partner who looks at you the way Michelle Williams looks at Dan Hadeya’s Richard Nixon.

Hey guys.  Remember us?  We used to do a weekly podcast about Dawson’s Creek.  Well, due to many circumstances coming together at once (both hosts moving, a broken computer, the usual constant, nagging depression at the state of the world around us), we have been absent from your ears for far too long.  In our attempt to dip our toes back into the cool waters of the podcasting world, we decided to watch a film that is both Creek-adjacent, and entirely appropriate to semi-current events.  The movie Dick stars 2 Dawson’s Creek Alums:  Emmy award winners Michelle Williams, and Harry Shearer.  One of those two is featured a bit more prominently than the other.  Dick is a hilarious tale about two teenage girls who find themselves wrapped up in a famous presidential scandal, and though it was made 20 years ago it feels eerily…. familiar.  I can’t put my finger on why, but I think you might notice it as well.  There are a million dick jokes, and a million cameos from the greatest the C-list had to offer in 1999 (no shame though, we both love the cast of this movie).  We are here to watch it, and commentate upon it for your listening pleasure.  Thank you to all our listeners who still have us on their feeds, and bear with us while we do dumb stuff like watch a 20 year old movie instead of the show that bears the name of the podcast.

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