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Johnny just read our proposal for COTW going forward and he’s as confused as you are.

Hey everybody!  Welcome back to Creek of the Week.  The official podcast of all creek-related television programming.  Now that we’ve thoroughly broken down Dawson’s Creek we are moving on to Schitt’s Creek, and since one of your hosts has yet to watch the series, we’re going in order this time.  No better place to start than at the beginning.  Synopsis:  Rich family suddenly becomes poor family, but are allowed to keep one asset, a small podunk town to which they somehow own the deed.  Family moves to small town, classic fish-out-of-water hijinks ensue.  Schitt’s Creek is a delightful show that I feel has a lot in common with it’s predecessor creek.  Maybe a little less angst and a little more humor, but equally full of big personalities, an amazing cast, and a big ol’ heart.  We hope you will give it a go with us.  It’s good to be back!

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