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David chugs some Natty Lite

Our audience, being forcefed new content like a goose being stuffed for foie gras.

Pilots are special, they have to both introduce a show, and grab the attention of potential producers.  Second episodes are the true beginning of a series.  Perhaps someone should do a podcast that’s just second episodes of various shows, Josh if you’re reading this add it to the list. So Schitt’s Creek truly begins with a few notable events:  a water leak, a fondue party, and a kegger in an empty field.  Unfortunately only one of these events leads to a fistful of molten cheese.  Your hosts, meanwhile, talk about something so inanely unimportant that one of them can’t even recall a single word spoken as he writes this very podcast description.  Oh well, I’m sure it was hilarious, timely, and poignant, as all things they say are. This is a bad way to describe a podcast episode, god I hope nobody reads these.

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