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Ugh, I'm ashamed of myself.

On today’s menu: Quality content.

Welcome to Episode 4 of Schitt’s Creek.  This week we find the Rose’s looking to connect with their children, while their children connect with the locals.  Look, it’s a 20 minute show, I can’t write a much more detailed description of the episode than that.  You want specifics?  Fine.  David and Stevie attempt to sell David’s incredibly expensive clothing collection at various pawn shops and marketplaces.  Alexis picks up garbage and spies on her new man-crush-Mutt, thinking he’s involved in a sordid affair, but it turns out it’s just his mom.  Oop, SPOILER ALERT.  Thanks a lot, I just spoiled the whole damn show because you all insisted on having a more detailed description of this episode.  I blame YOU.  YOU made me do this.  It seems that I have become all that I once loathed, in the vain hope of getting one shred of appreciation, one mote of graciousness, one fleck of compassion from you, dear listener, whom I hold above all others. High atop a lofty pedestal, shining your beatific light down upon us lowly content creators begging for download scraps about your ankles.  Won’t you please bequeath your bounty upon us?  Download us. Listen to us. Consume US and quench the thirst that hath beparched our barren throats for want of your love.   Oh, also Moira can’t remember Alexis’ middle name.

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