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David and Stevie get stoned.

If (when) we put out a COTW album, this is very close to what the cover will look like.

Hello fellow quarantinians and welcome to the apocalypse.  We, your humble hosts, are here to provide a bit of levity during these strange and frightening times, and to harken back to a world where the ever present threat of a slow and painful death, drowning in your own lung-fluid, was merely a remote possibility, and not the looming reality, the inevitable doom awaiting not only us, but those dearest to us.  A dark new world in which our leaders barter with the lives of the most weary among us to keep the gears of the great machine greased with blood & souls.  For you see the beast must be fed, and all of us are but kibble in the dish of the great capitalist dog-god, its frothy maw seeking only to devour… to consume… and to shit out the worthless stinking piles of refuse that will be those of us that are left behind once this great cataclysm has passed.  So please, download!  Listen!  And for 38 minutes and 25 seconds attempt to forget that you live on a dying planet, in a crumbling society that sees only as much value in your existence as that which you are able to produce for the soulless and hungering class of obscenely wealthy ghouls that would sooner piss down your grandmother’s throat than grant her the lifesaving ventilator that would allow her to draw one more breath of the poisoned air that hangs about us all, thickening our lungs, baking the clay beneath our feet, boiling the seas to salt until nothing is left but skulls and stones.  And of course podcasts.  Podcasts are eternal.

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