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Where you goin with all that ass?  Double cheeked up on a Sunday

Roland also remembers everything.


Welcome, my friends, to episode 241 of the Creek of the Week Podcast aaay-oooooooooooooooooooo.  I am feeling good tonight.  Feelin real good.  Just microwaved up a Lean Quisine, put my favorite song on the turntable (Butterfly, by Crazy Town, of course), and now it’s time to write the description.  If you’re wondering how I’m handling the isolation, WORRY NOT, for I have never been better.   My home has never been cleaner, and the man that speaks to me through the floor drain in my basement hasn’t called on me to feed him in almost 3 days(!)  What does he eat?  Never you mind, you nosy Nelly (it’s organ meat).  So yeah this week is about a surprise party!  Everyone is trying to organize it for Moira without her knowing, and many hijinks ensue as they attempt to keep it a secret.  Speaking of secrets, don’t tell anybody about the man beneath my basement floor.  Like, it’s kinda my special thing and I kind of regret telling you about it now.  Please don’t take this from me it is literally all I have.  Oh Jesus what have I done, you’re going to ruin EVERYTHING.  Get out of here!  He’s mine!

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