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4 diners dining


Season. One. Finale.  Welcome to the end of the first season, and what a ride it’s been.  Lessons learned, friendships made… excuse me.

Sebastian!  Sebastian stop that nonsense right this minute!

I’m sorry folks, it seems 19 year old son has taken it upon himself to play with his army men in the middle of my foyer.  We can’t have that, why, that is where we meet our guests!  I’m sorry..

Sebastian!  Sebastian you know what we said about putting your head in there!  Sebastion ple… Sebastian… Seb… Sebastian please.  Thank you Sebastian, Mummy loves you very much.

OK where was I?  Oh yeah, SEASON FINALE BITCHES!  Johnny sold the town!  I’m sure there will be no complications.  Meanwhile everyone else has to say goodbye to their new friends and are finding it harder than expected.

Sebastian if you do not stop that chittering, I swear I will take you over my knee!  Wait til your father comes home, Sebastian.  What’s that?  But Sebastian, your skin is already flayed to the bone, Mummy can’t possibly… stop that gnashing Sebastian, we’ve talked about that.  How can we ever take you to town when you behave in such a way?  Fine!  Fetch the lash while Mummy is talking to her internet friends.  Please, Sebastian, just a moment more.

I am SO sorry guys, this little man is just a handful.  Nevertheless I think you get the point, we watch the season finale and have a grand old time commentating on it for your listening pleasure.  Now if you’ll excuse me, motherhood waits for no man!

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