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It’s got safety tubes but I aint scared. The brakes are good. Tires: fair.

Hey guys, I just watched the first presidential debate of 2020 and I am feeling particularly nihilistic, and also a tad drunk, so I am trying desperately to put aside my all-consuming fear for the future of our republic and focus on writing a clear and concise recap of the 258th episode of Creek of the Week. Here goes: Johnny Rose has decided it is time for his family to purchase a new *pause for 20 seconds of screaming* car for the family. Alexis finds out that *gnashing of teeth* Vet Ted has a naughty secret. David helps Stevie address her own *cutting myself just to feel something* existential crisis, and Moira plays a character to *20 minutes of uninterrupted weeping* help get a great deal on a new whip. We also talk about the freakin emmys!