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This episode of our podcast is honeymoon-sweet! Yep it’s one of those weeks.

As this episode airs the week after Den Levy hosts SNL, we start our show talking a bit about that. We then talk about some other lighthearted topics like the unending progression of time drawing us all into irrelevancy and eventual death, plus what TV shows we like. Afterwards we watch an episode of Schitt’s Creek in which David & Stevie scam a hotel out of some free honeymoon swag, Alexis tries her hand at online dating, and Johnny joins the Jazzagals for a session. It’s all lighthearted fun as our skin cracks and wrinkles, our organs shut down, and our minds begin to fade. Death is coming for us all soon enough, but in the meantime this episode is a good way to… kill… about 40 minutes or so.