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More like ‘Simply the Bozo’ (This joke is a combination of this scene, in which a young woman wears too much makeup, like a clown, and a reference to the famous song that plays during another, more well-known scene at the end of the episode. ((Clearly the author of this joke did not think it was funny enough to stand on it’s own merit, so he over-explained it to try to make the explanation of the joke the actual joke (((Clearly the author is spiraling as he feels compelled to explain every subsequent joke, and where this train wreck will end nobody can say for sure ((((YOU HAVE ENTERED THE FOURTH PARENTHETICAL DIMENSION INSIDE WHICH IS ONLY SUFFERING. TURN BACK, FOOL!)))) ))) )) )

Olive branches are sticks out of which grow olives, or something. That is relevant to this episode of Schitts Creek because out of the “stick” of the Rose Family, grows the “olive” of love. Olive is also an anagram for love, don’t check me just trust me it is. So this week David decides it’s time to reunite with Patrick, but he’s having trouble as Patrick lavishes him with apology gifts. Alexis, meanwhile, gets her college degree, and goes into business with Moira, who inadvertently gets it past the city council. Johnny also buys Stevie some make up, which she hates. That’s Schitt’s Creek, baby!