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In one scene Jocelyn out-fashions both Moira and David for the whole series. Bravo!

This week your hosts battle technical difficulties and a time crunch that leads them to cram their usual 45 minutes of hijinks into a half hour. Why am I speaking in third person? There’s no “them” here, it’s us, that is; me! Did I just use that semicolon correctly? I’m going to be honest, I’m a 42 year old man and that is the first time I’ve attempted to use one. What a rush! You know what else is a rush? Getting robbed at finger-point, which is what happens to David in this week’s episode. Simultaneously, Moira takes a bunch of Bosnian speed, and there’s something about love letters that we mostly talked over. You know, having reread this I don’t think I used the semicolon correctly. Welp, tried and failed, never going to make that mistake again. Just commas for me from here on out. Never put yourself out there folks, nothing but regret in it for you.