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Moira sporting headwear from the King Buzzo Collection. Magnificent.

It’s Schitt time again folks, and this week’s is a hoot. Moira is very excited about the release of a trailer for her upcoming feature Crows 3: The Crowening, however not all of her friends share her elation. Also Johnny and Roland have to figure out why a guy at their new motel has a sack of money and a gun. They, of course, take him at his word when he says everything is totally fine and normal. Lastly there has been a mixup as to who will be David’s Maid of Honour, so Alexis and Stevie need to work out the details of their duties. What a romp! And what a rump on that Chris Elliot, am I right? Meow! What? The write up is still recording? Edit the rump stuff out, please.