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I’m not going to lie, I only picked this screenshot because I’m friggin’ starving, you got any wedding sample platters back there?

As the sun rises on a new baby podcast, springing forth fully formed from the heads of it’s hosts, so too must it eventually set, returning to those same fractured skulls to burrow deep into the cranial-goo where it will fester and mutate into deep regret. Regret over the thousands of hours of improvised commentary that could, at any moment, be dredged up by family, the feds, or the dreaded cancel culture and ruin said hosts lives forever! That is the situation we find ourselves in during these twilight hours of Creek of the Week, our skulls agape, that podcast, once a delicate fledgling, now an ancient and decrepit albatross cresting the horizon on a collision course with the wombs that birthed it, and the graves that will see it entombed forever.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, this week Moira gets an offer to return to her old soap and Alexis manages to help her even though she is going through some stuff. Johnny, meanwhile, is paying for David’s catering and David has expensive tastes. It’s a fun ep that really starts to set up the beginning of the end.